Hello. My Name is Randy,
Welcome to my Bio.

If you're unfamiliar with how this works, I'm about to list all the great things I've done so far in my comedy career. I will be leaving out the boring bits, like the time I performed to 6 people in a shipping container in rural Queensland. I'll also refrain from mentioning any of the embarrassing moments, like the time I broke wind while waiting to perform on a live to air broadcast of Q&A and several members of the studio audience heard it and began to giggle uncontrollably. I'll try to keep it light and interesting but worded in such a way that lazy festival programers can copy entire paragraphs and paste them directly into ticketing websites. To make it even easier, I shall henceforth refer to myself in third person. 

Randy started doing stand-up comedy in 2005 and has since given birth to six critically acclaimed solo shows.  He has appeared at most of the Fringe and Comedy festivals around the world as well as popping up at music festivals such  as  Falls, Woodford  and Harvest. When he's not busy updating his bio, Randy spends most evenings gigging in sticky-carpeted beer-barns from Edinburgh to Hong Kong, Galway to New York, Singapore to Sydney and anywhere in between.  

In 2010 Randy joined forces with skinny man Sammy J to create Ricketts Lane, which won Best Show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and went on to become a television series of the same name, airing on ABC TV in Australia, Seeso in the US and Netflix in the UK. Randy's role in Sammy J & Randy in Ricketts Lane earned him an ACTAA nomination for best performer in a comedy series in 2015, the first non-human performer to be recognised in this category. 

In 2016 Randy Writes a Novel was nominated for best comedy at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival and went on to a season at the Soho Theatre in London as well as the 2017 Montreal Just For Laughs Festival, where Randy also appeared on the Jane Krakowski Television Gala. The following year Randy Writes a Novel played an eight week Off-Broadway season at the Clurman Theatre in New York City. 

Between semi-regular television appearances on shows such as The Yearly with Charlie PickeringThe Chaser's Media CircusSpicks and Specks and Good News Week, Randy spends a lot of time writing and touring with his musical partner in crime, Sammy J. Together they have hosted the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala, appeared on Good News WorldQ&A and The Project, written and toured live shows such as Bin NightThe Inheritance and Sammy J and Randy Land, performed a few times at The Sydney Opera House, released an album and a couple of DVDs, got nominated for a couple of ARIAs and featured on the Neil Patrick Harris Gala at the 2015 Montreal Just For Laughs Festival. 

His most recent live show Randy's Anti-Crisis toured Australia in 2018, winning critical appraise and a weekly award for best comedy at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, with some people calling it his most unapologetic and daring show yet. Which people? Mostly just me. Oh look at that, we're back in first person already, that went quickly. Thanks for reading, have a nice day.

Awards & Such

WINNER Best Comedy
Perth Fringeworld 2014

NOMINEE Best Comedy Release (with Sammy J) ARIA 2013

WINNER Barry Award for Most Outstanding Show (with Sammy J)
Melbourne Comedy Festival 2010

NOMINEE Golden Gibbo Award
Melbourne Comedy Festival 2009

WINNER Best Comedy weekly award
Adelaide Fringe 2018

NOMINEE Best Comedy
Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016

NOMINEE Best Performer in a Television
Comedy Show
ACCTA 2015

NOMINEE Best Comedy Release (with Sammy J) ARIA 2015